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Indulge in Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Discover the finest Japanese cuisine in Los Angeles with Hibachi Catering LA. Our menu, featuring a range of traditional dishes and modern innovations, is crafted to deliver an authentic hibachi dining experience. We stand out in Los Angeles catering services and are committed to culinary excellence.

Signature Dishes for Every Occasion

Our diverse hibachi menu suits all palates and is perfect for every event, from an intimate dinner party catering in LA to large-scale corporate functions

Enjoy our fresh seafood selections and signature hibachi combination grills, each infused with a unique LA flair.

Buffet Style and Plated Options

Select from our buffet-style catering for larger events, or choose plated service for smaller, more personal gatherings. Our buffet menu includes an array of Japanese cuisine classics, ensuring every guest finds something to relish. The meticulous event set up by our team provides a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.

Hibachi Meets Entertainment

Customizable Menus to Match Your Event Theme

Tailor your menu to align perfectly with your event’s theme and style. We work closely with you to create a menu that meets your preferences and dietary needs, making us a flexible choice for dinner party catering in LA.

Small Party Catering Los Angeles

Beverage Pairings and More

Complement your meal with a variety of beverages. While specializing in Japanese cuisine, we offer various options, including soft drinks and teas. Please note beverages are an additional option, separate from the primary menu pricing.

Experience the Hibachi Catering LA Difference

Start on a culinary journey with us. Our menu transcends mere food; it’s an experience in Japanese cuisine and reflects the vibrant scene of Los Angeles catering services. Book now and let Hibachi Catering LA enhance your next event with our exceptional buffet-style catering and professional event setup.


Start by selecting your dish type

All Course Meals are Served with steamed rice, Hibachi Vegetables, and our signature Sauces.

Chicken + Shrimp Hibachi Catering LA

Chicken + Shrimp

Hibachi Chicken
(Teriyaki, Spicy, Garlic Lemon)

8pc Garlic shrimp

NY Strip + Chicken + Shrimp

6oz NY strip steak with garlic butter

5oz Sesame chicken

5pc Garlic shrimp

Beef + Shrimp Hibachi Catering LA

Filet + Shrimp

6oz Tenderloin steak lightly seasoned

6pc Garlic shrimp

Filet + Lobster

6oz Tenderloin steak lightly seasoned

Lobster tail with garlic butter and lemon

Chef Special Hibachi Catering

Chef's Special

5oz New York Steak
6pc Garlic shrimp
Wild Lobster tail with garlic butter and lemon

Beef and Chicken Hibachi Catering LA


6oz NY strip steak with garlic butter

5oz Sesame chicken

Looking for more options?